Blue Sari Lehenga

Blue Sari Lehenga

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A Sari is a traditional draped garment worn by women in South Asia.  Saris are worn as both everyday attire as well as decorative ensembles for special occasions. It consists of a length of lightweight cotton or silk cloth, which is wrapped around the waist to form a skirt, and the remaining length draped over the head or shoulder. It may bare the midriff, be worn over a petticoat, or with a fitted blouse on top.  

Your American Girl or Our Generation doll will feel like she just attended a beautiful Shaadi (South Asian Wedding) when wearing this Sari.  This set includes:

Blue Top
Blue Skirt Bottom
Gold Shoes
Blue Drape 

Fits 18" soft body dolls like Gotz, Our Generation, and American Girl